Presidents' Day Facts For Kids

Presidents' Day Facts For Kids
https://www.patreon.com/homeschoolpop Presidents' Day is an interesting holiday, watch this facts video for kids to learn about it's origin. This Homeschool Pop video will share how states disagree on what to call the holiday, disagree on exactly who to celebrate, and some even disagree on how to spell it! Some states call it President's Day, others call it Washington's Birthday, others call it Washington's and Lincoln's Birthday, and still others (like us) just call it Presidents' Day (with the apostrophe after the letter "s"). But at the heart of Presidents' Day there are things that unite us, like Presidents' Day sales, the closings that come with all federal holidays and of course, cherries! 

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Presidents' Day Facts For Kids | Homeschool Pop
Presidents' Day
Presidents' Day Facts
Presidents' Day for kids
President's Day
Washington's Birthday
Washington's and Lincoln's Birthday
Presidents Day for kids

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