Lincoln 20 Min. Featurette (2012) - Steven Spielberg Movie HD

Lincoln 20 Min. Featurette (2012) - Steven Spielberg Movie HD
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Lincoln 20 Min. Featurette (2012) - Steven Spielberg Movie HD

As the Civil War continues to rage, America's president struggles with continuing carnage on the battlefield and as he fights with many inside his own cabinet on the decision to emancipate the slaves.

Daniel Day-Lewis: http://j.mp/SyKhCz
Sally Field: http://j.mp/R31whn
David Strathairn: http://j.mp/SyKhSN
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: http://j.mp/Qo1oHv
James Spader: http://j.mp/SyKhST
Hal Holbrook: http://j.mp/PVaXBg
Tommy Lee Jones: http://j.mp/PVaZZV
John Hawkes: http://j.mp/RU7zVg
Jackie Earle Haley: http://j.mp/RN6MDs
Bruce McGill: http://j.mp/PVaXBo
Tim Blake Nelson: http://j.mp/PVaZZZ
Jared Harris: http://j.mp/PVb003
Lee Pace: http://j.mp/QyMJHj
Lukas Haas: http://j.mp/PVb007
Kevin Kline: http://j.mp/PVb0gn

Steven Spielberg: http://j.mp/PVaXRM

Steven Spielberg: http://j.mp/PVb0gp
Jeff Skoll: http://j.mp/PVb0gt
Kathleen Kennedy: http://j.mp/PVb0gx
Kristie Macosko
Jonathan King: http://j.mp/PVb0gz
Daniel Lupi: http://j.mp/PVb0gB
Adam Somner: http://j.mp/PVb0gD

Tony Kushner
Doris Kearns Goodwin

Michael Kahn: http://j.mp/PVb0wR

Janusz Kaminski: http://j.mp/PVb0wV

John Williams: http://j.mp/OYLhn1

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