Presidents Day

Presidents Day
Learn what it takes to become president.

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Muffin Stories - Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln In November 1863, a great number of people attended a memorial service in order to commemorate those who had died in the Civil War. Soon a tall middle-aged man wearing whiskers

The Kids Need To Know! | Kid President

After the success of "Letter To A Person On Their First Day Here", Kid President invites everyone to join him as he gathers all the stuff #thekidsneedtoknow. He also reveals that his pal, Rainn,

Muffin Stories - George Washington

George washington This boy is George Washington, the first President of the United States. The United States was established by the people who immigrated from England and Europe and settled in

Lego Presidents

The U.S. Presidents are depicted in Lego minifigures. Some of the minifigures portray the presidents in the pre-presidential life such generals of the military, or even Gerald Ford as a University

Liberty's Kids 110 - Washington Takes Command

George Washington arrives in Boston to take command of the army (7/3/75). He has no idea if the New Englanders will follow a Virginian, but he is a born leader and quickly takes charge of the

All The Presidents Song

To help children learn all the American presidents from a familiar tune. Recorded and Produced by Mike Rimbaud.