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Walmart buying Flipkart for $16 billion - Amazon comparison and long-term perspective - Walmart investor relations presentation.

Flipkart is the future and WMT goes down 3%.

A good return with low risk can be reached with a prudent approach to investing in WMT. Perhaps an ever growing long term dividend from walmart.

WMT’s online business is now where Amazon’s was 10 years ago.

Walmart recently announced that it will pay $16 billion for a 77% stake in Flipkart, the online Indian retailer. This is the company’s largest acquisition and shows how in today’s world it is still important to look beyond current numbers and invest in growth. I want to discuss Walmart and what are they doing for the long term, compare it to Amazon, see whether their strategies are fairly valued by the market and how to go about investing in WMT.

Flipkart acquisition
Flipkart had net sales of $4.6 in 2017 
grew at 50%
EPS hit in 2019 of $0.3 for WMT
EPS hit in 2020 of $0.6 for WMT

Losing $1 and $2 billion 
respectively of net income
However, the company is not profitable and WMT expects a hit of $0.3 in fiscal 2019 to its EPS and $0.6 in 2020 as the company will heavily invest in growth. So, on the $4.6 billion in revenue, growing fast, WMT expect to lose at least $1 and $2 billion per year respectively. This is a significant part of their $10 billion expected net income and therefore investors weren’t happy about the acquisition with the stock down 3% on Wednesday when the deal was announced.

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