Imortal - Episode 25

Imortal - Episode 25
Mateo denies Dara's allegations that he has fallen for Lia. Later, Mateo wonders why he is still capable of hearing Dara despite their distance. Meanwhile, Lucille prohibits Clarisse from using their company just to get Mateo. Furious, Clarisse takes the matter in her own hands and lures Lia to an abandoned building. Transformed as a werewolf, Clarisse attacks Lia.

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Episode Cast:
Angel Locsin (Lyka, Lia) / John Lloyd Cruz (Mateo) / Maricar Reyes (Samatha) / Jake Roxas (Magnus) / Johnny Revilla (Simon) / Niña Dolino (Clarisse) / Vivian Velez (Lucille) / Rico Blanco (Lucas) / Beverly Salviejo (Dara) / Manuel Chua (Diego)

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