Lovakengj House Favor - How to Get 100 Percent - Old School Runescape 2007

Lovakengj House Favor - How to Get 100 Percent - Old School Runescape 2007
**UPDATE** Distributing the mining controls now gives you 4% favor per control handed out, for a total of 20% if you deliver all 5! Once you get 65% favor, check the instructions at 5:30 for details!

Earning favor in the Lovakengj House explained! Including:
Recommended levels: 0:14
Ways to get there: 0:32
How favor works: 0:46
0 to 30 percent favor: 1:14
Mining volcanic sulphur: 1:22
Dynamite recipe: 1:58
Getting juniper charcoal: 2:05
Saltpetre: 2:52
Making dynamite: 3:27
30 percent favor: mining/smelting lovakite: 3:54
Smithing armor: 4:19
Armor tier table: 4:45
100 percent: 5:05
Rewards: 5:19

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