Free Climbing the Severn Bridge (Police Getaway)

Free Climbing the Severn Bridge (Police Getaway)
The early morning and freezing weather didn't hold us back from smashing it!  This mission has been on my mind for a while, hitting it solo was a risky idea so i had to get the boys from London down to make it a group madness!
The Severn Bridge is the huge suspension bridge connecting England to Wales, it's design and structure made it something that i knew would have potential for epic shots, so having a little stroll up the cables was definitely needed. 
BIIIIG shoutout to the friendly guys at the Apple store who spent there time and recourses helping me get this edit smashed out, couldn't have done it without them. 
The Cabot Circus vid might just have to be smashed out with them too;)
Drone footage by @lifeof_alexandre on instagram
You'll find all the boys links on my Instagram posts from the Severn
Let me know what you think of the video in the comment box
I do not encourage anybody to try and recreate these activities.
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