Hand in Hand, by Malka Touger

Hand in Hand, by Malka Touger
Chassidim would always ask: Why doesn't the Talmud contain a tractate that focuses on the love of HASHEM, or the fear of Him? They would explain that instead of teaching these attributes in an abstract intellectual form, in every generation, HASHEM gives us tzaddikim who provide living examples.
We constantly look up to the Rebbe as our teacher. The way he davens is a lesson. His simchah, chayus, and devotion to hiddur mitzvah are lessons. From everything he does, we can learn.
And children feel that the Rebbe is always reaching out to them, realizing that their today is our people's tomorrow.
This video focuses on lessons that children can learn from the Rebbe's middos tovos, highlighting those facets which educators feel that children could emulate and make part of their lives. With scenes and stories that relate to a child on his or her level, a child is given a path and a direction for his life, one that will enable him to do his share in the mission that lies at the center of the Rebbe's life-preparing the world for the coming of Mashiach.
Written, produced and directed by Malka Touger
Music and Arrangements by Chaim Fogelman.

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