Drake Angry At Kanye West Diss | Hollywoodlife

Drake Angry At Kanye West Diss | Hollywoodlife
Drake reacts to Kanye West's weak diss track. Plus - Did Drake's collaborator leak info about his alleged son to Pusha T?

Sophie Brussaux documented her pregnancy well on Instagram, and even shared a photo of her little guy, Adonis, who was allegedly fathered by Drake, back in November. Now that Pusha T has called out Drake for allegedly being a “deadbeat dad” to Adonis, the photo has come to light. Unfortunately, you can’t see the little man’s face in the photo — it’s just a shot of Sophie cradling him to her chest — but it’s still completely adorable. Sophie also shared several photos of herself throughout her pregnancy, including one cradling her bare baby bump at a baby shower.

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Drake Reacts To Kanye West Diss | Hollywoodlife


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