Pearl Harbor 70 Years Later

Pearl Harbor 70 Years Later
Pearl Harbor, Arizona Memorial

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Battleship TEXAS Engine Rooms

The engines of the Battleship TEXAS propelled this historic warship to North Africa, Normandy, Iwo Jima and Okinawa during WWII. They're the only surviving examples of reciprocating steam engines on

Pearl Harbor-The Battle

In Kürze wird auf Musik, Meer und Mehr die neue Filmserie "Pearl Harbor" starten. Hier ein kurze Zusammenfassung der Schlacht

Yamamoto's Plane Wreck

Visit to Admiral Yamamoto's remote jungle plane wreck on Bougainville Island. The Pearl Harbor mastermind's "Betty" Bomber was shot down by U.S. P38 fighters (Operation Vengeance) April 18, 1943,

The Last Mooring

The last mooring of once mighty ships. Resquiat in Pacem! I had to change the audio-track because of the copy-right. It's is now "Death of Ase" by Edvard Grieg and not "Gayane Ballet Suite" by Aram

USS Arizona (Inside the Wreck!!)

I do not own this video or images. Posted under Fair Use. I posted this for historical purposes only. In Honor of the 1,177 American lives lost on board the USS Arizona (BB-39) on December

"The Titanic Rebuild 2016"

The rebuilding of the titanic (the titanic 2) by tycoon billionaire Clive palmer in 2016 is set to cost a staggering 400