Imortal - Episode 1

Imortal - Episode 1
In 1572, vampires invade the Philippines, but when the equally powerful werewolves prevent the vampires from feeding on humans, the conflict between the superhuman clans begin. In 1800, Magnus converts Roman into a vampire like him, but Roman opposes Magnus' crusade against the werewolves. Barang predicts that Magnus will be the father of their clan's prophesied savior. A hundred years are about to pass, and while a desperate Magnus randomly bites a pregnant woman's neck, Ceres gives birth to her and Roman's own son. Meanwhile, Lyka gives birth to her and Noah's daughter.

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Episode Cast:
Angel Locsin (Lyka Ortega, Lia Ortega) / Jake Roxas (Magnus) / Jomari Yllana (Roman Rodriguez) / Jairus Aquino (young Mateo Rodriguez I) / Kalila Aguilos (Barang) / Piolo Pascual (Noah Ortega) / Precious Lara Quigaman (Ceres) / Nikki Valdez (Lydia) / Christian Vasquez (Badong) / Sajj Geronimo (young Lia Ortega) / Yshi Jacinto (young Clarisse Zaragosa) / Epi Quizon (young Abraham Villamor) / Sheree (young Lucille Zaragosa) / Justin Cuyugan (Alfredo) / Alwyn Uytingco (young Julio)

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