FOUND: Ultra-Rare Nintendo Prototype N64 Add-On (US Version of 64DD)

FOUND: Ultra-Rare Nintendo Prototype N64 Add-On (US Version of 64DD)
In the mid 1990s,  Nintendo announced the 64DD disk drive add-on for the N64 for the US market ....but it never came out. Instead the Japanese version of the drive crashed and burned upon release and it took all the hopes of US gamers ever buying one along with it. For almost 20 years it was consider a myth that an actual US retail version exists... until now. I have found a working prototype of the 64DD for the US market AND it contains a developer blue diskette inside of its drive. This unit is unique in many ways and in this video I tell you all the things that make it special...and what happens next...

UPDATE to BLUE DISK: https://youtu.be/Pe-fs1COgr0

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