The Stunning Transformation Of Rebel Wilson

The Stunning Transformation Of Rebel Wilson
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While she may be Pitch Perfect's scene-stealing Fat Amy to most of the world, Rebel Wilson has been rocking her uniquely infectious rebelliousness since way back. She's as confident as she is funny, as daring as she is down-to-earth, as raucous as she is earnest. And as she deadpans brilliantly with just the slightest flicker of a smile, she's decidedly won over the hearts of fans worldwide. But while she may be jet-setting to Ibiza, and cherry-picking her projects in Hollywood these days, the road to success hasn't always been a smooth one. Here's the stunning transformation of Rebel Wilson...

A shy little girl | 0:33
Across the pond | 1:49
Horizontal running | 2:43
A whirlwind romance | 3:32
A clothing line and an ego boost | 4:49
Nose to the grindstone | 5:42
She's gonna keep hustling | 6:29

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