Actor Replacements That Totally Ruined The Show

Actor Replacements That Totally Ruined The Show
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When an actor leaves a hit show, it can either be a blessing or a curse. Sometimes, write-outs are worked into a show very nicely, like with the revolving door on Grey's Anatomy that only adds to the drama factor. In other cases, though, a character is so essential that their disappearance downright dooms the series — especially when they're replaced by someone who doesn't have the same appeal as the original star. Here are a few TV shows that just couldn't recover from the loss and replacement of a major cast member...

The Office | 0:28
The X-Files | 1:44
8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter | 2:57
Blue's Clues | 3:45
Scrubs | 4:51
Spin City | 5:52
Designing Women | 6:37
That '70s Show | 7:53
Community | 8:44

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