MiG-29 High Altitude Stratosphere Flight - long version 8 camera HD | flight data

MiG-29 High Altitude Stratosphere Flight - long version 8 camera HD | flight data
Learn more about the Edge of Space Flight: http://tinyurl.com/fly-to-edge-of-space
The famous MiGFlug MiG-29 Edge of Space flight (also known as Stratosphere or high altitude flight) makes the news regularly as it probably is the craziest and most surprising adventure available, worldwide. The Edge of Space Flight - or Stratosphere Flight - has several unique characteristics that can't be experienced elsewhere:

- It's the only possibility for everyone to break the sound barrier
- supersonic flying with a top speed up to MACH 1.9
- Altitude up to 20km/65,000ft altitude
- Insane aerobatics with G-Forces up to over 9g
- The only possibility to fly a modern 4th generation fighter jet
- MiGFlug customers can control the MiG-29

You will reach twice the altitude and speed of a commercial airliner. Up there, in the stratosphere, you can clearly see the curvature of the Earth. Countless stars can be seen, even at daytime - in a deeply black sky. And far below the Earth is wrapped in a blue fog - the Troposphere. A breathtaking - life changing experience. 
But how does the MiG-29 climb to these altitudes? It is above the service ceiling of the beautiful fighter jet. The MiG-29 climbs at maximum speed in a huge parabola and "overshoots" the service ceiling.

After the Edge of Space part - on the way down, you'll get to learn the amazing agility of the MiG-29, and the G-Forces the advanced aerobatic manoeuvres in combination with high speed causes. You can experience up to 9.2g which is very intense.

You'll also be able to control the MiG-29 and fly aerobatic manoeuvres yourself - the MiG-29UB is fully dual control and you'll get to learn how to fly it before during the ground training.

This video features Canadian Ferrari racecar driver, Ferrari club president and entrepreneur Josh Cartu. He dreamed of becoming an Astronaut or fighter pilot, MiGFlug had the honour to make his dream come true. But you don't need to be as famous as Josh is - everyone can fly with us.

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