Imortal - Episode 5

Imortal - Episode 5
The Waya Council of Elders deny Lyka the privilige of being buried in their clans' Heroes' Cemetery. Impressed with young Mateo's superhuman strength, young Simon adopts him. While Mateo grows up exchanging blows with men to prove his strength, Lia becomes Clarisse' lowly secretary. Mateo and Lia cross paths, and their respective identifying birthmarks glow the moment they stare at each other.

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Episode Cast:
Angel Locsin (Lyka, Lia) / John Lloyd Cruz (Mateo) / Rico Blanco (Lucas) / Jake Roxas (Magnus) / Niña Dolino (Clarisse) / Vivian Velez (Lucille) / Jomari Yllana (Roman) / Sajj Geronimo (young Lia) / Bugoy Cariño (young Mateo Rodriguez) / Matthew Mendoza (young Simon Teodoro) / Allyzon Lualhati (young Tabitha)

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