The truth about living in Tonga (Underwater Ally Adventures) Ep.13

The truth about living in Tonga (Underwater Ally Adventures) Ep.13


This episode we wrap up our time in Tonga and talk about what it was really like to live and work in Tonga and the day to day frustrations that one might encounter living in the Pacific. There were plenty of tears during the making of this episode as we share the story of our missing pups.

As a tribute to our awesome Tongan dogs we decided that this months Patreon $$$ will go directly to SPAW (South Pacific Animal Welfare) If you would like to make a direct donation you can find the link below. 


We are really excited to move onto our next Adventures around Australia while we save for out Yacht! Stay tuned as we take you on another Underwater Ally Adventure down under!

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00:10 Woman - Lionheir
04:18 Reggae Wah - Doug Maxwell 
08:30 Treading Water - Ant Beard
15:46 Sunday - Otis McDonald

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