Annie vs Avia!

Annie vs Avia!
You decide the winner! By the way this video was suggested by viewers.

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I really want to first thank my amazing friends for my birthday videos, I really love them all and I don't think I ever officially thanked you girls so thank you very much :) Okay, this video took

Shaytards VS Bratayley: Older Girls Gymnastics

So, this edit sucked.... I am so sorry I couldn't get more footage of Avia due to copy right claims. It has nothing to do with favoritism, I think both of the girls are amazing. Comment down below


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Bratayley vs shaytards gymnastics, this is the first video and yes it kind of sucked but it will get better and thanks for all the good comments all tho half of them were rude but I appreciate the

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Finally another video! My shaytards videos normally don't get a lot of views but hopefully this one will. Leave some requests below! Music- Cheerleader Follow me on Instagram


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Hey guys this is a video for Annie and Hayley💘 Hope you like it! I really want Bratayley to watch this🙏🏻🙏🏻 This was hard to make Bye

Annie and Hayley- Stand by you

Annie and Hayley only have each other now and I know they'll stand by each other no matter what ❤️ Music- Stand by you Everything I used to make this video! Video downloader - Veditor Editor