HOW TO ESCAPE EACH ELO & CLIMB - Differences between each rank (League of Legends)

HOW TO ESCAPE EACH ELO & CLIMB - Differences between each rank (League of Legends)
Exactly what you need to work on and do to climb out of each rank plus the differences between them all. This took me about 2 weeks so leave a like and let me know if you enjoy it!
Use Minimap Properly - https://youtu.be/Rk3NylyBK2E // How to Attack Move properly - https://youtu.be/6uWqC7jP3f8

Bronze - 0:29
Silver - 3:17
Gold - 5:06
Plat - 7:47
Diamond - 11:21

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HOW TO ESCAPE EVERY ELO - Differences between each rank (League of Legends)

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