Get Activation Code Without Doing Survey (Bypass Surveys)

Get Activation Code Without Doing Survey (Bypass Surveys)
Some of the websites ask you to take surveys or complete some tasks to perform a hack or something else.

What you don't know is how to bypass these surveys/tasks which you can never complete properly.

In this video I have shown you how to bypass surveys/tasks and get the activation code/validation key.

First right click on the box saying activation code/validation key or the box they have provided you to type in the code.
Then click on inspect element.

You can also press ctrl+shift+i
If you can't right click and get inspect element then click the button on the top right corner of your bowser (beside the adress bar and bookmarks tag) and then click on "More tools". Then click on developer tools.
This should bring up the inspect element box either on the bottom part of your screen or on the right side of your screen.
However when you use the keyboard(2nd) method or this method to bring up the inspect element box you have to search for the elements that are on the activation code/validation keybox.

Then press ctrl+f to bring up a search box to search the elements.

Then you can either type "statusholder" which I have used in this video or simply activation code/validation key(depending on what they named it on that particular website). 

Then just click on the left corner of the "statusholder" element 
Then a dropdown containing more elemnts would appear.
Then right click right beside the part that says activation/validation and then select copy.
Then you can close the elements box and paste the code into the activation code/validation key box.
Then all you have to do is click on the box that performs the hack or some other function they have promised you they would do.

Though this particular hack does not work you can still use this method to perform hacks for games or any other hack in another website.

I hope this helped you guys.

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