Destiny 2 Servers Down Until 5PM EST - Fixing Racist Symbol KEK SYMBOL Bungie Working to FIX

Destiny 2 Servers Down Until 5PM EST - Fixing Racist Symbol KEK SYMBOL Bungie Working to FIX
Destiny 2 Will be back up 5 PM EST NOW--- an additional 2 more hours will be needed prior to servers going back online
The piece or armor that's been circulating via Twitter recently might’ve easily slipped by players who weren’t paying close attention to the design, but it didn’t escape the notice of those who brought it to Bungie’s attention. It might not be as openly recognizable as a swastika, but the origins of the symbol and the way that it’s been used recently make it difficult to ignore the inclusion of it in the game.

Destiny 2 developer Bungie is updating the game to fix a piece of armor featuring a symbol associated with a hate group, the studio announced today.

“It’s come to our attention that a gauntlet in Destiny 2 shares elements with a hate symbol,” Bungie said on Twitter. “It is not intentional. We are removing it.” The studio also apologized for the error, saying that the armor “does NOT represent our values” and adding, “We renounce hate in all forms.”

Bungie have just revealed that they are removing a gauntlet from Destiny 2 that “shares elements with a hate symbol.” They say the similarities are not intentional, and they are working on the removal as quickly as they’re able.

The gauntlet in question is the Road Complex AA1, which features lettering and a green color reminiscent of the ‘Kekistan’ flag, a symbol of some alt-right groups.

Exactly what measures Bungie will take to remove the item or how that will affect players using it are unclear, but it seems that it would be a simple matter to cover the item with a new texture.

After noticing players' complaints about the items, Bungie definitely seems to have only one course of action they can take, and that's removing the design from the game.

The Offensive Symbol

Destiny 2
Above is the offensive symbol in question, a design that many who are versed in Internet slang will recognize as “KEK.”

While the lingo isn’t uncommon by any means in online games or Twitch streams, the way that it’s drawn here on the gauntlets take it a bit further. Instead of using a normal “E” in the middle, the letter is segmented in a way that makes it pretty difficult to shake off the similarities to a certain white supremacist symbol that’s become known as the Kekistan banner.

It’s easy to think that some players might be looking into the design too much – the accusations were clearly there in replies to Bungie’s tweets – but when you see the design on the offensive banner, the evidence is pretty damning.
Bungie Help‏ @BungieHelp  10m10 minutes ago
 Destiny server maintenance continues. Expected completion is 2 PM PDT. Stay tuned for updates.

Servers Should be Back up By 3PM EST ADVISED BY BUNGIE
Destiny 2 is still currently down for the PS4
it gives me this error [[ Destiny 2 Servers are not available --- wow
Once it does load up it actually Closes & Gives another Error Saying it will not load or work or whatever...
Desinty 2 is temporarily at capacity. You will join the game in the order in which you connected.

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Bungie now estimates the maintenance will be completed at 12 p.m. PT, an hour after their initial estimate. It seems like some things are coming back up; we’re alternating between this “One moment please ...” screen and the “servers are not available” error.]

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