Why the arrest of Julian Assange should worry you

Why the arrest of Julian Assange should worry you
The indictment of Julian Assange is going to change the world forever. After the arrest of the founder of WikiLeaks, the fate of journalism and free press is called into question.

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The arrest of WikiLeáks founder Julian Assánge is going to leave a mark in the history books. Assánge has a complicated personality. But the story of WikiLeáks throughout the years challenges the very foundations of what it means to live in a Western society. On April 11th, Assánge was arrested by London Metropolitan Police. 

But what makes history is neither of these cases. It’s his subsequent arrest at a central police station in London by British authorities on behalf of the United States. 

The US arrest came with an indictment accusing Assange of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion with former US military intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning. The federal government is now seeking to extradite Assange into the United State where he could face up to five years of prison time for this single charge.  

The indictment counts four main acts as part of the conspiracy:
    1. The communication between Assange and Manning using Jabber instant messaging service where they agreed to acquire and disseminate the classified documents and crack the password on one of the DoD computers. 
    2. The effort Assange took to conceal Manning as the source of the leak.The indictment counts four main acts as part of the conspiracy:
    3. That Assange encouraged Manning to provide more information from the government systems.
    4. And the fact that Assange and Manning used a cloud drop box to transmit the leaked documents.


News coverage

WikiLeaks tweeting about extradition before the arrest https://mobile.twitter.com/wikileaks?max_id=1115997048426381311





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