Ku Klux Klan

What has changed in the 6 months since the Charlottesville rally

A violent mix of white supremacists, counter-protesters and law enforcement in riot gear took over the small Virginia town of Charlottesville six months ago, raising questions about race and racism to the surface and exposing a number of societal divisions. “I think for a lot of Americans, they did Read more

Barry's Book Report

Com and pigs and family members although wet Albany. Banks. This help. That is our Coca maestro Barry Mitch shows singing our show's special theme for more than 25 years and apparently is a funny man who also likes to read books. Especially if they are books written. My funny people so if you have Read more

Meet Democrat Doug Jones, Alabama's senator-elect

Alabama's senatorial runoff day not only marked the first time a Democrat has won a Senate seat in Alabama in 25 years. It also marked a coming out party for Doug Jones. Jones' campaign for senator was often overshadowed by the bluster of, and litany of accusations against, his opponent, Roy Moore. Read more

Doug Jones counting on Alabama's African- American voters

Alabama's Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones arrived to greet diners at Martha’s Place Buffet and Catering around lunch time on the eve of election day and found the largely African-American crowd at the Montgomery restaurant pleased he had stopped by. Roxanna Wingard, a local school bus Read more

How Trump's retweets about Muslims could thwart his travel ban

British Prime Minister Theresa May ’s condemnation of President Donald Trump may not be the only fallout from his recent tweeting spree. His retweeting this week of three videos purporting to show violent Muslims in the Netherlands could directly affect the outcome of his administration's proposed Read more