Gov Rick Snyder

Candidates cash in big on Super Bowl ad strategy

Sports and politics don't always mix. But they clashed on tv screens this past Super Bowl Sunday when politicians and the groups that support them rolled out ads to remind voters of the looming 2018 midterm elections . Running Super Bowl commercials was a particularly popular strategy among Read more

2018 gubernatorial races could provide 2020 snapshots

There are 36 states and U.S. territories holding gubernatorial elections this year and these races could be the biggest referendum of all on President Donald Trump ’s presidency. All eyes will be on key 2020 states to look for predictions regarding the next White House race, particularly what Read more

Suit: Michigan Violating Detroit Students' Right to Literacy

Students of troubled Detroit schools filed suit on Tuesday against the state of Michigan in what could be a historic legal case that seeks to establish a constitutional right to literacy. The students, backed by a California law firm, filed the suit on Tuesday, reports WXYZ, a local ABC affiliate. Read more