Obesity And Overweight

Obesity epidemic grows in adults; perhaps levels off in youth

The U.S. is big, and getting bigger. Since the 1980s, American adults’ obesity is at epidemic proportions, and there does not seem to be an end in sight. Rates of obesity in those younger leveled off between 2005 and 2014, but a recent report in JAMA wanted to know if there has been any change. The Read more

10 Things to Know for Wednesday

Among 10 Things to Know: Data-mining firm's CEO suspended; Trump congratulates Putin, gets backtalk from Republicans; Northeast braces for wintry wallop on first day of spring. Read more

Despite cold, dark, Finland tops 2018 global happiness index

If cold weather and a lack of sunlight in winter are enough to get you down, chances are you're not Finnish. The World Happiness Report published Wednesday put Finland at the top among 156 countries ranked by happiness levels, based on factors such as life expectancy, social support and corruption. Read more