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The Note: Trump's policy choices stark on guns, immigration

The TAKE with Rick Klein President Donald Trump may be more likely to poll the folks at Mar-a-Lago than consult a public opinion poll on the subjects of the day. (In either event, he’s far more likely to trumpet the results that conform to his worldview.) But whether it’s based on statistics or Read more

The Note: A surprising road to familiar results

The TAKE with Rick Klein The results should feel familiar by now, even if the road there is constantly surprising. President Donald Trump wants to go very broad on immigration, only signing off on a plan for Dreamers if the border wall is funded and legal immigration is curtailed. But he wants to Read more

Seal won't be charged with sexual assault, authorities say

Singer Seal will not face criminal charges stemming from an allegation of sexual assault , ABC News has confirmed. According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, a woman, the singer's neighbor, claimed that two years ago, after she stopped by his house to retrieve a salad spinner, Read more