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  • MidTennDog

    Of course, he'll win the seat.

  • Donald Mills

    What a colorful addition this guy will make to the bench...

  • Warden347

    Sounds like Trump's kind of guy.

  • Gargos

    "Neely said Wednesday that he stood by the baseball bat statement. He also reiterated that having women stay at home with young children "would be really nice" because "the more parental time kids have, the better off they are.""

    Must be nice to be able to find a job to fully support your family and a wife who is staying home. Too bad those opportunities are too far and few between. Stay at home moms are an unrealistic dream to most working Americans. Nobody can afford rent/mortgage, food, transportation, insurance, etc. on just one salary.

  • Grampa S 2.0

    78 years old for a 12 year term?

  • gofaster

    Judge Judy would be a better choice

  • gs12

    I suspect the dumbest voters will elected the dumbest judge. No problem.

  • AlpaByrd

    Sounds like a real *charm boy*

  • Thomas

    "Neely claimed he had a right to order his staff to perform such duties as babysitting, collecting his laundry and typing books he wrote."

    This guy sounds like a real loser.

  • TexasVulcan

    Well at least this guy knows that he's the "dumbest".

  • kennethnewman

    This is WHY , West Virginia is in the shape its in....dumb and dumber....its not exactly a state that produces Nobel Prize winners....

  • Julius Swerving

    What are the odds this guy will even be alive to finish his term?

    I don't know about you, but I'll be long retired at that age.

  • Wallace Francis

    Neely is brilliant. His book "why courts don't work" which everyone should read, is the important book nobody will read.

  • Bill

    Why not?
    trump somehow was elected...

  • 1970vet

    You should have seen the senate election in 2018, on the gop side you had Blankenship who ran on pure Trumpism and all kinds of conspiracy theories, like Obama had him thrown in jail. Then Jenkins was posting fake photos of Morrisey with Hillary, etc... then you had Morrisey running on supporting Trump to the fullest and the potus backing him up, and the candidates trying to relate Manchin as a liberal and Hillary and Obama stooge. Manchin is a moderate who does not always vote along party lines. In the long run, Manchin the democrat won in a state he was supposed to lose, he even did well in some districts that the potus won big in 2016.

  • BowieCountySmooth

    Ladies and Gentlemen...
    Please welcome...
    The next Nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States...

    ()Please, Justice Ginsberg... we are praying for you)...

  • Lee Thompson

    Anyone willing to be he won't be elected to the WV SC again? I think the odds are in favor of his being on the WV SC bench again.

  • Invincible Summer



    It's a far right state, what do you expect? We in Alabama had to deal with Roy Moore in office twice, and he was kicked from office twice, and then Republicans put him up for the Senate.

  • TexWho

    When I saw the headline I thought it was Roy Moore was back in the news.

  • P'Thizikil

    Being the laziest and dumbest would not seem to be something that enhances electability. But then it worked just fine for our president.

  • Colormeblue

    Didn't He play banjo in deliverance?

  • Prozacboi

    West Virginia? Sounds like a sure winner.

  • Murfski

    The ad he placed was kind of funny. Maybe he should try being a comedian; he sure isn't qualified to be a judge.

  • Educated

    I guest he figures we have the dumbest president, so why not.

  • Jackee

    no mister.. you go sit down in the corner and enjoy the arts and crafts table.. bingo will start at 6pm

  • Donnie The Lion

    "At the time, Neely claimed he had a right to order his staff to perform such duties as babysitting, collecting his laundry and typing books he wrote." That alone is a dealbreaker. West Virginia, do the sensible thing here.

  • JLS1950

    Bet his dad is his uncle...

  • WatchItAll

    It takes a real idiot to vote for a guy who tells you he's very dumb and lazy. Takes a bigger idiot to elect a 78 year-old to a 12 year term.