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  • Thomas

    Children have been found in cases like this, so I am trying to maintain optimistic thoughts.

  • Ciara Cawley

    Are they actively looking for this man? If so I mean wouldn't it make sense that they clarify if it's, say, a white man with dark hair they are looking for...or Hispanic or a redhead or whatever? Surely that would be a vital piece of information to provide if they are actively looking for him?

    The poor little mite, I'm praying for the best possible outcome. I have a niece around the same age so I can't imagine how terrified her loved ones must be feeling.

  • ActuatedTrash

    I saw Florida Live Haines city little girl 5 Saw!?!?

  • Deanna Diaz

    So she was playing at the park alone at 5 years old?