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  • Thomas

    I don't know what these idiots think they will accomplish by this crap.

  • Silver Eagle

    Why is there a resurgence of National Socialism now? Could it be somebody calling them very fine people?

  • April


  • Alex

    There are always some people who associate certain ethnic groups with various kinds of ill effects on society. It is also an easy way out for people to blame others for their own failures. Jews have historically been targeted for such hatred even when they were poor people living in ghettos in Europe. Now that they are more prosperous, they are accused of controlling the media, financial sectors, etc. Israel's treatment of Palestinians is yet another reason for some to turn against the Jews.

  • sixstrings

    sadly, we'll never eradicate such hatred.

  • jess d

    So much for the tolerant right. ..

  • whoever

    Hate is a waste of time and energy. It is corrosive. If you hate, you hurt yourself far worse than the people you hate.

  • DontBotherMe

    "Westchester County Executive George Latimer said country police are reviewing video of the Garden of Remembrance area as they look for the culprit."

    When they find the culprit post his face all over the news. Let the world see the face of a bigoted coward.

  • Phil2u

    "...the entire world reeled in shock, horror, and sorrow..." There were those indeed, Mayor Cuomo, who regretted the ultimate failure of the Nazi machine, and their pent-up hatred has spread to subsequent generations.

  • Lee Thompson

    Anti Semitism is a cancer like all hate. It's deplorable.