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  • Winston Smith

    "consider other perspectives"???

    So violating basic human rights is now just "another perspective"???

    You nitwits! Go play in China, I've initiated an NBA blackout in my home!
    Harden, you sound like an abused prostitute. Lemme see your p*ssy, I've got another dollar.

  • Troyal

    I hope the NBA no longer takes a stand on human/social/etc. rights here in the states as it is clear that they value money over anything else.

  • oakgrovehobbitt

    The NBA will threaten North Carolina & Georgia over perceived human rights issue, but folds when given a choice of human rights or money.

  • Benson Friars

    I would have preferred to see the NBA take the South Park approach. If you haven’t seen the “Band in China” episode you should watch it. It is still the best social commentary show on TV.

  • TexasVulcan

    While I agree with the NBA about China and Hong Kong, I also recognize that a business that takes a political stance will find that there are upset people on one side or the other.

  • sane one

    Daryl should've blamed his other brother Daryl! Thinking it's safe to say with a country with well over a billion people and a lust for basketball, Daryl financially hurt the NBA.

  • kennethnewman

    The NBA can survive in fine form without China....Its the basketball that brought interest from China, and the lost financial side won't stop good basketball from being played....

  • kritikosman

    Stand by Hong Kong!!

  • DJ H

    Horrifying. NBA bowing to China, and forcing players, coaches, managers and fans to also. Sad and pathetic. Goodbye freedom of speech, hello Chinese takeover of America.

  • Caliph

    Get over yourself, China!

  • Sedibob

    Oh well, I guess the good people of China will get to enjoy N. Korean basketball instead...

  • Scott Morris

    One of the few times i agree with Trump! The Players are acting like China owns the NBA! What a bunch of cowards!

  • IanPG

    This goes to show that China is not, and never will be, a free country. Money and capitalism won’t fix that.

  • GoAViking


  • Fakenewsbuster

    Why should a tweet by a person voicing support for Hong Kong have to be deleted?

  • Dosadi

    So the NBA desperately needs China and China apparently doesn't need the NBA.

    The US used to be a world power.

  • Lee-Anne Griffin

    Quit kissing up to China. They are NOT our friend. They steal our intellectual property all the time. They break trade agreements constantly. We need to stop dealing with them. Ya, it would suck a bit short time economically but, in the long run, the worst thing we can do is keep giving them our money. The Rockets have nothing to apologize for. Nothing.

  • GloScot

    Seems like the moderator on this site didn't like my comment simply pointing out the NBA stays away from states that pass laws concerning something politically correct, but yet the league will still go to China where elimination and exile are the preferred ways of dealing with certain folks.
    <is that="" better,="" moderator?="">

  • Charlie_Fox

    The biggest news here is that Rubio uttered something that actually showed some intelligence.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    This is exactly what would happen if Trump had the power he craves to control the media. The state controlled TV company immediately cancelled events and apparently suspended the coming season.

    We all know how our Narcissist president reacts to criticism. Just as China has done. Like a spoiled child who can't handle the real world. Think about this as you remember that Trump called the free media an enemy of the people.

  • Misty Mac 💯

    Take a _____driver and use it to ____ China! They should never have apologized.

  • Mr Wayne

    American principles for sale. Dollars over human rights every time.

  • CheeseDosTheBalls23


  • Thomas Jenkins, Fire Marshal

    the nba are being cowards. they have no problems speaking out against trump or in support of kaepernick, but as soon as it comes to an issue where PEOPLE ARE REALLY DYING, they go silent and stop tweeting. they should be ashamed of themselves. if that means someone has to sign for 25m next years instead of 30m, then so be it.