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  • adamrussell

    What pge should do is estimate the cost of burying these lines and then put it to the ratepayers whether they would rather have outages or a higher bill to pay for the cost. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that ultimately the customer always pays costs. And I bet you the city folk will say "why do i gotta pay - I dont live in a forest"!

  • Argo

    I can understand why PG&E is wanting to spend billions putting lines in the ground. After the tragedy last year and the continuous problem with high winds impacting power lines, this would be a good investment plan.

  • Miles

    No cell phone service either, but my friend can text. Her best friend can't get texts. So today I'm just reading texts and then calling her friend to tell things. The friend in California has lost money due work being cancelled and says there is no wind where she lives. She's pretty frustrated.

  • Tom K

    Disqus is a very frustrating comments hosting service to use. Thank you.

  • Iam Manofnature

    Wind speeds are still below the Edison threshold where I live but Southern California Edison has begun shutting off power due to winds in some locations. The following areas are now shut off:

    Power shut off due to PSPS - ~12,900 customers
    Kern (County)
    Tehachapi Map 1, Tehachapi Map 2
    Unincorporated areas including Bird Springs, Horse Canyon, Loraine, Sand Canyon and Twin Oaks

    Los Angeles (County)
    Unincorporated communiites of Auga Dulce and Acton, Boiling Point, White Heather
    Unincorporated communiites of Fern Ann Falls, Twin Lakes, Deer Lake Highlands, Chatsworth Lake Manor, Santa Susana Knolls

    San Bernardino (County)
    Rancho Cucamonga
    San Bernardino
    Unincorporated communiites of Lytle Creek
    Unincorporated communiites of Muscoy, Devore, Glen Helen Regional Park
    Unincorporated communiites of Etiwanda, Grapevine Canyon, San Sevain Flats
    Unincorporated communiites of Devils canyon, Serrano Village, Kendall

    Ventura (County)
    Simi Valley
    Unincorporated communiites of Santa Susana
  • j penske

    Now they'll have the CEO at Capitol Hill for a Congressional grilling (aka "dog and pony show") to ask why they had to shut off the power. The CEO will simply give a few excuses, then go back home and have a nice dinner.

  • wotsa

    How about instead of cutting the power off, they actually spend the money to properly maintain and secure their infrastructure.

  • tet1953

    Is this their plan every time it gets too windy?

  • sakibaba

    Maybe PGE should buy everyone solar backup panels. A lot of remote areas in Asia use the same to get through power cuts which are pretty common in those parts of the world.

  • Zaff

    This severe wind that was supposed to wreak havoc was barely a breeze. Thanks PGE for saving us haha

  • Rocky_Mountain_High

    This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. This will cause the fire risk to actually go up, not down because of people having to use candles and generators. Why not fix the problem instead of cutting power? I would never move to that backward ass state.

  • dennisclos

    Being from Michigan, why and how do the people in California put up with this nonsense, why not fix the problem, this is not rocket science, this is the 21st century.

  • Dennis Lynn

    You want to know the real crime? In a news piece about this story they showed people getting gas for their cars before the power went out. Regular was $3.93 a gallon. Now that's a crime.

  • c0reDump

    Wow. Utility cutting power intentionally because it might be a fire risk?

    All affected will learn the lesson and purchase generators -- which will probably increase fire risks.

  • Dave

    From someone in the Midwest, I've always thought if you live in California you have to earn it...

  • TexasVulcan

    I wonder why Trump does not order that the forest service remove trees anywhere close to high voltage power lines. Of course, that might mean using his "wall money".

  • Iam Manofnature

    So far, Southern California Edison has only shut off power to 65 customers in Kern County. Edison has estimated that almost 174,000 customers could be affected in their coverage area, here's the breakdown:
    Inyo County (approximately 682 customers)
    Kern County (approximately 19,582 customers)
    Los Angeles County (approximately 49,024 customers)
    Mono County (approximately 13,177 customers)
    Orange County ( approximately 7,250 customers)
    Riverside County (approximately 22,325 customers)
    San Bernardino County (approximately 41,280 customers)
    Tulare County (approximately 108 customers)
    Ventura County (approximately 20,449 customers)

    Winds are just starting to pick up where I live but are still well below the Edison threshold.

  • JLS1950

    Thus everyone will fire up (and overload) their own gasoline-burning electrical generator, which are MUCH more likely to spark a wildfire.

    This is going to be remembered as an ill-advised move by irresponsible utilities, and as a complete disaster.

  • Jay Cliest

    California is an 'odd' state. I lived there 13 years in three different regions. My feeling is that it is not a state, but a mini nation within the United States. The politics and situations like this make me feel that the state has an identity crises. It is a paradox, the most beautiful vast land in the world; but it can't really manage itself. Rich or poor, high rent; million dollar homes or homeless on the streets of LA. Like the bumper sticker, "Let's make California weirder."

  • Frankly Speaking

    This is a big corporation attempting to discipline an entire state after they were held accountable for a fire that was related to PG&E's poor maintenance.