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  • TexWho

    No return address ???

  • felix_navidad

    why in the world would you call the police? I'd call a "business associate" and retire!

  • Band, On the Run

    "Here, officer; we found 50, er, I mean 44 pounds of cocaine in the ocean!"

  • Pfft!

    The police thought it strange when the oldest kid ran around the house for ten hours straight.

  • Dave

    We found 100... er 75... uh 50.. I mean 44 lbs of coke.

  • Rubber Banned

    Actually, they probably pulled 45 pounds of cocaine out of the ocean...

  • Kevin from Wa.

    The South Carolina Bureau Of Tourism is using this as Advertisements to visit the State.COME VISIT S.C. our beaches are beautiful and .....YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT "TREASURES" WILL WASH UP

  • Rebecca

    I'm a little confused why someone would salvage random packages from the beach and haul it back to their rental home....I can't imagine a scenario where I would do that. Pretty sure I'd figure they were from some ship or something and would alert the authorities.

  • HawkeyeDJ

    Drug runners would frequently dump their bales of marijuana as they tried to elude the U.S. Coast Guard off the Florida Keys. These bales would break apart and wash ashore. When the tide went out, the beaches would be covered with - what else? Sea Weed! Little baggies of salty, slightly damp pot would appear all over Key West.

  • MandalayBay328

    Ohhhh the party they could have had!

  • Hey Beavis

    I wonder if it was tasted....to make sure it was real. :)

  • Camus53

    Well I guess this explains all the recent sharks gone wild attacks on swimmers!

    The great toothies of the deep have been eating these bricks of cocaine and meth floating around and have gone drug crazy!

    And yet people are worried about plastic straws in the water...yeeesh!

  • DontBotherMe

    I wonder how long they looked at it thinking about all they could do with the money before they called the police. I would imagine drugs wash up on the shore all the time unreported.

  • Prophet With Honor

    "Get Thee behind me Satan!"
    There had to be temptation.

  • WorkingClass

    I wonder if they found more than 44 pounds but only reported finding 44 pounds.

  • Banned...Again

    I bet they were disappointed. They were hoping for bricks of green money.

  • Sejal

    It's nice when families to stuff together, lol