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  • David C. Moll

    What is the "justice" the parents expect? What, in an accident, would satisfy these people as "justice" for their deceased son? They want to have her charged with murder and rot in a prison cell for years.
    There's a reason all these countries have immunity agreements - to keep their citizens safe abroad.

  • Trikkiedikkie

    The parents of the victim should sue the heck out of her personally. Some 50 million is a good start. Then go after the US, for a minimum of 800 million. She is a criminal, and must pay. Diplomatic immunity is a joke if she is not a diplomat.

  • Jamie

    Not sure how she's sleeping at night. I get that it was an accident, it seems like the parents get that it was an accident, but how can you just up and leave and ignore the reality of the situation?

  • Twit Wit

    send her back!

  • zorkamundo

    Here's the sad epilogue:

    "The woman never went back to Great Britain, never faced charges, and continues to maintain her diplomatic immunity. Her husband continued to do whatever he does without repercussion and still maintains his diplomatic immunity. The victim's family never received justice, and still grieves for their loss. Politicians of both countries to continue to deplore this unfortunate occurrence."

    Fade to black.

  • Mike Diehl

    She should go back to Britain but who imagines that elitists play by thebsame rules as the commons.

  • Luigi

    Coward. In the States she will be arrested for hit and run.

  • Mr Wayne

    The rich and powerful never face up to their misdeeds.

  • Yep!

    I've driven on the 'wrong' side of the road -- turning left was most tricky. But I had to be sober while driving overseas to avoid killing myself and others.

  • zero_gravitas

    How can the USA claim the moral high ground when they pull stunts like this. Its the sort of behaviour that we expect from the Russians who killed some of our innocent citizens with the Salisbury chemical attack. But from our longest allies? Everyone in Britain and no doubt the world is utterly appalled from your nations unchristian, immoral and utterly cowardly behaviour. Be honest if you are reading this as an American, is this what you want for your country? Your citizens able to manslaughter children at will with the backing of the state with not even so much as a sorry. Shame on you.

  • Prozacboi

    What is there to work on Trump?

  • Formerly_Right_Wing

    My sympathies go out to the victim and his family. That said, if motorcycles were invented today, countries around the world would resoundingly reject them as street legal because they are about 30 times more dangerous than cars. Motorcycles really ought to be phased out and made illegal.

  • Hobo Ken

    Even if she was going on the wrong side of the road, it need not be a crime. I am not sure about the UK laws but in the US it depends on facts and circumstances. If she was drunk, buzzed, texting or otherwise distracted then yes it will be considered a crime. Or if the person was deliberately driving on the wrong side to take a short-cut or something like that. In the UK they drive on the left side of the road and barring Ireland, rest of Europe drives on the right side. Plus most of the world also drives on the right side. So I would not be surprised if lot of foreign drivers make an occasional mistake of driving on the wrong side.

    By her fleeing the country she has increased the possibility of it being considered a crime. Similar to hit and runs. Unless it is a DUI or something like that, if a person hits somebody it is better to wait for the police or exchange the information with the other driver. Even if the person is not at fault, in a hit and run if the person runs away then it gets elevated to a criminal conduct.

  • MidwestKris

    Diplomatic immunity has very real benefits and very real, very serious negatives. But this is how immunity works, and it is nothing new. =. We have been unable to prosecute sons of diplomats. For instance, a foreign diplomat’s son in New York City was named by police as the prime suspect in the commission of 15 separate rapes. When the young man’s family claimed diplomatic immunity, he was allowed to leave the United States without being prosecuted.

    It is what it is. She made a very serious mistake - a terrible mistake. and she has immunity, and used it. I know very few people who, given the opportunity to use immunity, would go to jail instead.

  • JustMe

    I'm so disappointed in all of you... soo soo disappointed.... come on, no one else yet? Affluenza Wife? :D

  • Thomas

    Glad they identified her.

    Earlier reports had her as Suzanne Johnson

  • Lee Thompson

    Anne Sacoolas needs to go back and face the music. Obviously no one ever taught her to take responsibility.

  • Alan Perugini

    No one is mentioning the aspect of her driving on the wrong side of the road. She might have had a brain cramp because the British drive on the opposite side of the road than us, and she momentarily lost her sense of perspective..

  • John Lyttle

    Not mentioned here is the fact that this woman was previously cautioned for reckless driving. Shameful.