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    "Art of the Deal" is the biggest con job ever.

  • Dosadi

    What Trump is doing is the equivalent of threatening to shoot a suicide bomber.
    The Chinese have nothing to lose by waiting Trump out. They know that another administration be in charge soon or later. The Chinese president is president for life and his countrymen love him. Trump may be an illegitimate president that may not last out his first term.

  • Youcanthandlethetruth

    We need to get the orange puppet out of the WH.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    The Chinese know that Trump is a weakened lame duck who is anxious for a win. They have him right where they want him and will force him to accept their deal. Donnie of course will do what he did when he signed his Vapor Treaty with NK. He will hold a big photo op and will announce the greatest trade deal ever thanks to his tremendous negotiating skills. And the Trumpers will cheer.

  • TexasVulcan

    Instead of going this alone, the US should have built an international coalition to go up against China's bad policies on IP and other trade secrets.

  • Fakenewsbuster

    This is a fight that every American should get behind. You can't claim to be for human rights and support China or even buy Chinese goods. We can win this if American consumers decide to flex their muscle and speak with their consumer dollars.

  • mollydtt

    It’s sad that Trump relies on the advice of his economic advisor, Larry Kudlow.
    Kudlow doesn’t have a degree in economics. He just plays an economist on tv.

  • Near62 14

    If I were China, why would I want to make a deal now?

    We are a year and 3 months from a potentially new US President.

    I would bet Trump has more to gain from any deal made, at this point, than the Chinese.

  • SFprogressive

    Old Trump never understood that this is not the China of the last century, Whether we approve of her politics or policies she has become a strong competitor and will not simply bend to the whims of the West, certainly not to an old racist narcissist,

    Trump has succeeded in creating a new world order, but one which will awaken other nations to treat us less as the dominant world power and more as a potential rival, This is MCGA and already the Chinese are motivated to seek other deals and markets beyond the U.S,
    Trump supporters, remember the old but true cliche: "Be careful what you wish for", Same goes for the UK and the BREXIT madness,