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  • Damien Holland

    Terrorism and mass murder by our military against innocent people? This will be brushed under the rug.
    Bet this news item lasts a day or two and disappears. No photos, no interviews, just a statistic from the UN about something our own government and military won't admit to.

  • Lefty Libby

    My eyes glaze over. Eighteen years of reading articles about how we accidentally kill civilians overseas. I wonder why they hate us?

  • Dosadi

    I am a US citizen.
    I wish we had a legitimate leader.

  • Jim

    The next time I care about what the U.N. says will be the first time.

  • Waldo here . . .

    Ah, I get it. The US won't pay their annual UN fees due to the report. And then donnie can claim the UN is ineffective because "others" are behind in paying their fees and not contributing.

  • GiraffeCrab

    The US being held responsible for war crimes?!?! Like that will ever happen, even if hell freezes over it wont happen. Blackwater security consulting got away from being convicted of war crimes by having a simple re-brand. America can and will keep killing innocent people in the name of "protecting" the world.