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  • David Kaplan

    From the comparison of the 2 shark teeth as compared to the Federal Reserve Note width at 2 1/2 inches this shark was most likely 19 to 20 foot long give or take. Also probably a female as they are larger. The bite of the shark unto the kayak was most likely a probing bite. Normally a great white would knock the kayak along with its rider right out of the water if it mistook them for sea lion. In this case it is more likely that the shadow - silohuette and /or movement of the kayak did not quite appear to this shark as a sea lion and it was more cautious. In any event these are two lucky kayakers.

  • Lefty Libby


  • maryann03

    Here's a tip: If you make a pendant out of those teeth, be sure to completely cover the edges with gold or silver or something. Otherwise those serrated teeth will nick and cut you with every move.

  • maclll

    He probably dropped a load of poop into his kayak and the shark didn't like the taste.

  • BigBadFish

    Exploratory bite. The shark was curious, nothing more. Cool that the diver got two toothy souvenirs to take home.

  • Zachary Brown

    lol "I could have been injured." I think he meant to say "i could have been killed or eaten." i bet that was a powerful experience though holy moly!

  • Ron Takeda

    Glad you didn't get hurt!
    Pretty cool you each got a souvenir!

  • DontBotherMe

    They have a cool, albeit scary, story to tell. The shark teeth souvenirs would make great necklaces.

  • Sunshine1229

    Yikes! I can't imagine a gaping mouth full of those teeth! *shudders*

  • disqus_8R28ZmEsno

    too bad they didn't have a GoPro running

  • IMHO

    "We're going to need a bigger boat."

  • Hey Beavis

    Both scary and funny. That's cool it left some teeth.

  • Dave

    Sharks gotta eat.

  • Banned...Again

    Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain as soon as you swim in the ocean.

  • Tom

    The shark was curious about the kayak, so it took an exploratory bite, determined it was not interesting, and swam off. If it had "attacked" the kayak, you wouldn't be able to paddle it to shore afterwards.