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  • mollydtt

    Trump never makes the right decision— faster and faster.


    good, get him in here and lay down the law! Damn good to have a POTUS that doesn't cower.

  • Lee Thompson

    Trump invites someone to the WH who should be shunned for his brutality. Erdogan hasn't been held accountable for ordering his security detail to attack protesters on a visit before. Why is the big-talking Chosen One not defending American citizens? Answer: Trump Towers, Istanbul Turkey.
    Abandoning the Kurds is despicable. We should NOT be doing this.

  • Pro-Marx

    We can debate the pros and cons of the US meddling in the affairs of other countries, but once we have intervened as we have in Syria, it is unmatched stupidity to pull out and leave the Kurds high and dry. This is how we create new extremist groups.

  • Mike Kennedy

    Our dictator president who has unmatched wisdom, and an unhinged mind.

  • Lee Thompson

    Is Erdogan going to be held accountable for directing his security detail to attack US citizens on a previous visit, or are American citizens fair game for the despot?
    Why in God's name is Trump hosting a thug like Erdogan at our WH?

  • Warden347

    "Unmatched wisdom"..........OMG!!!!!

  • Ron Fuller

    Is trump going to let the Turkish dictator and his body guards beat on American citizens again?

  • 01denese

    Why would we need to invade? Let Turkey and Syria handle their dispute. Jeez.

  • EnjoyingTheView

    Did the Turkish Leader offer traitor Trump a prime location for his next Trump Tower ???
    Is that why he has thrown Syrian fighters who WERE fighting for the United States to overthrow ISIS, under the bus and into the Turkish firing squads ??? !!!
    Why is Trump such a malicious and callous P. O. S . ???