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  • Chancy

    I can see where there is a real problem with increasing suicide rates. But this is not limited to college age kids. It is affecting every part of our American society. Young, old, poor, rich, (well maybe not the wealthy) race, sexual orientation, religion, every aspect of what we are has an effect on our mental health. So trying to find specific reasons for why is at best elusive. There seems to be a lot of anecdotal reasons but nothing that can be scientifically quantified.

    As for the age range of this particular group, I have no relationship with the college environment. I really did not have much of a choice when it came time to leave the family unit and trek out on my own. My parents graduation speak to me was simply two words. Get out. Unfortunately the only path left open for me was military. I was only 17 and totally unprepared for the reality of what that meant. The feeling of loneliness and the lack of really any kind of mental or emotional support just wasn't there. I found myself at the fine age of 18 marching along with an M-16 and a medical pack trying to survive a meat grinder with one responsibility. Keeping my brothers-in-arm alive. Maybe that is what I needed. All I know was that when I back in the world I like many of us were left floundering. All we had were each other. Maybe that is what college kids need to do? I don't know. We all have our own paths to walk. Some are harder than others. But here is the thing. We all have free will. If we are depressed or unhappy or confused then it is only that individual that can make the choice to reach out. Ask for help. Silence can kill.

  • Tony B

    It doesn't help when Hollywood produces movies like the Joker that portrays the mentally ill as murderous villains.

  • ReviewTheFacts

    Newsflash! A simple check for suicide rates from the CDC shows that ALL AGE GROUPS are higher for suicide than they were in previous years. There's nothing special among college students. The 99% are feeling the economic squeeze, the future as it stands with the current administration is less than promising, and the education system is anything but top rate. We're way down when compared to other countries.

  • Lee Thompson

    Financial stress, less and less face-to-face interaction giving us the idea we are alone, and then there's the dismal outlook for our planet since we are doing nothing to reduce pollution to allow the processes of nature to work on our behalf.

  • Lefty Libby

    Dog eat dog, survival of the fittest, consumerist society isn't a breeding ground for well adjusted humans. We are social (tribal) animals. Rugged individualism is neurotic.

  • sixstrings

    perhaps we can do a better job of teaching kids how to cope with problems rather than attempting to shield them from every challenge in life.

    like the man in black said..."Life is rough...so you gotta be tough."

  • disqus_8R28ZmEsno

    kids growing up in today's times can't handle responsibility and being away from their parents? say it isn't so! more coddling is definitely the answer... /s

    sarcasm aside, it's incredibly sad to see such a terrible symptom of the way life has become in the last 2 decades

  • MandalayBay328

    This is what happens when helicopter parents don't teach their kids at a young age how to be independent and take care of themselves. Kids need to be taught early about critical thinking, problem solving, etc - not just "run to mommy & daddy, they'll fix it".

  • Harold Maio

    ----We were actively trying to lower stigma around mental health services

    Please let me know when you have reached the threshold of lowering it "enough". I'd be very curious to see that. Personally I do not want anyone clinging to the idea that there is a stigma.

  • TruthHurts

    This is what happens when you raise your child to believe they are special and they enter the real world and realize they are not. Many can't deal with being the small fish in a big pond.

  • Hecate

    Unfortunately, at 18 most kids are not equipped with the life skills to be away from home and be successful. They are given too much freedom, too quickly and most lack self discipline. Parents need to equip their kids with coping skills. So many just break down when things don't go their way... they have no concept of the real world because they have always been made to feel "special" and have been given awards when they didn't earn them, etc. giving them this notion of entitlement, and we have done them a huge disservice.

  • SandiYellow

    I work at a small-ish university. One thing in the article that I see here is the wait time to see counselors can be 2-3 weeks. Another thing I have overheard students talking about is the fear that they'll be sent home if they say they have thoughts of suicide (which can happen), so they are reluctant to talk to counselors.

  • Aparna Mohan

    Parents need to do a better job of raising resilient kids.