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  • Haru Atsui

    Japanese major media have reported about Nobel chemistry prize as if honor of Japanese only.
    and Japan strengthens tendency of collective narcissism.

    Present nationalistic Japan including prime minister Abe use Nobel prize politically with words such as "Pride of Japan" "Greatness of Japanese race".

  • kritikosman

    Did they award trump the Piece [of work] Prize yet?

  • Heisenberg

    I thought I should have won it!

  • Kent

    Major discovery.

  • Will Postthetruth

    "Last year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Frances Arnold and
    George Smith, both of the United States, and Gregory Winter of the
    United Kingdom."
    If you can take the time to tell us which nations last year's winners come from, why can't you tell us the home countries of this year's winners?

  • HannahBananaGram

    Very proud of them!

  • Dukedaddy

    The Peace prize will be awarded on Friday. Greta Thunberg have been nominated. If she doesn't win, the voting would have been "Rigged".


  • NuffAlready

    Nobody knows more about chemistry than Donald Trump. I was shocked he wasn't awarded.

  • Renate

    Sheldon!! Amy!! Where are you!!!

  • JR2020

    Next up; Trumps peace prize.