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  • veggiegrrrl

    Euthanasia should be easily available for wants...should be legal around the world. For elders with dementia who do not know their own names, or know their family, are who are suffering from any kind of emotional or physical trauma connected to their dementia such as paranoia, hallucinations, etc. A medical directive written pre-dementia should absolutely be honored and doctors should not subject to ANY repercussions. We put our pets to sleep. We do not allow this dignity and comfort for our loved ones. Tragedy for humanity that a peaceful, effective, painless way out is denied to us.

  • Matriarch In Training

    How long before this scenario - a person is suicidal, and declares his wish to die. Luckily, he receives mental health treatment, and recovers. Later (could be years), his notes from when he was suicidal are found, and poof, he's gone.
    Don't think it could happen? I never thought I'd see the day an aborted baby survives the abortion, and is left to die.
    We have become a sick, sick society.

  • Darcie_t

    Doctor and family playing God. When you have to hold down a patient to provide the necessary drugs while she is fighting it, it is murder. Life has no value in Holland.