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  • Rc4405

    They also need to stop using cheap steel to make the frames. The metal swells over time and; rusts, then starts flaking apart. I’ve seen many pickup trucks that look great on the outside, and when you look under the truck bed they are completely rusted out.

  • Shelly Wentzel

    What about the 2019 Chevy Trailboss? Not even 3500 miles and our brakes stopped working??? Why are these not in the recall?

  • Alison Mountford

    My 2017 Buick Encore has this exact problem! I don't see Buick Encores on the list though. I couldn't stop at a red light and lucky was able to swerve around the car in front of me and pull the E brake onto a side street. I argue for weeks and finally traded out my car and have a 2018 Encore now. But the brakes do still vibrate as described in this article. UGH. Worst decision ever buying that car.

  • Manomath

    At least this time they aren't just covering up the problems while knowing people were dying like the 2014 ignition switch. What was it, 100 people that died? Of course that was their count so you know it was more.