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  • Tyler U

    I am glad she got arrested for the scam, but I'm still a bit annoyed that regular people get punished for these kinds of things, but when the rich essentially scam regular people out of money, that's perfectly acceptable. At best, they are made to pay a settlement to their victims, wherein, each, having sustained a significant amount in damages, are only compensated a few bucks, if that.

  • SarcasTex

    How did they not recognize this woman was a scam artist? With a name like "Uwanawich"(U wana wich), It's hard to believe some people can be so gullible.

  • Get_Down

    Eh, "a psychic fortune teller"? Give us a break...LOL.

  • Pam

    The only curse upon the family was their bad luck to meet this charlatan and fall for her baloney.

  • Denizen DuBois

    and this pathetic victim's vote counts just as much as yours

  • Don

    How does a person so naive even amass $ 1,600,000.00. That's even more amazing to me...

  • Banned...Again

    Does this mean the guy at the circus will be jailed if he charges you to see the half-man half-woman covered in hair from the Island of Borneo ?

  • unusual

    Her name is Uwanawich? I guess if Uwanawich, you got a witch.

  • DontBotherMe

    I don't think $1.6M is enough to remove a curse. Clearly the woman was given a great discount.

  • Baa

    Lay people don't understand how difficult and expensive it is to remove a family curse, especially when there isn't one.

  • David

    What's the difference between her and Televangelicals? As far as that goes, any leader of any superstitious religion?

  • Eric

    Anyone dumb enough to fall for this should buy the bridge I have for sale.

  • RudyBaker

    Anyone dumb enough to hand over money to remove a curse deserves what they get.

  • SouthSideGhost

    Did anyone notice her last name is pronounced “you wanna witch”?

  • JuPMod

    Even in this day of age in the 21st century, there are still native people who believe in voodoo, witchcraft, curses, and other nonsense. As a species, we're not progressing if we continue to believe in such stupidity. .