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  • threehundredthousand

    The Guardian - 9 September 2019:
    Six ways Boris Johnson could evade block on no-deal Brexit
    MP says Tories have come up with ‘about 20’ ways to get around law calling for a delay
    The strongly pro-Brexit Tory MP Nigel Evans has claimed he and colleagues have come up with “about 20” ways Boris Johnson could get around a rebel backbench bill due to become law on Monday, mandating the prime minister to seek an extension to Brexit. Evans did not spell all of them out, but here are some of the ideas that have been floated – and their pitfalls.
    1; Ignore the bill completely when it becomes law
    2: Send a second letter to the EU
    3: Find another way to call an election
    4: Call a no-confidence vote in his own government
    5: Resign
    6: Ask another EU country to block the extension

    The article itself goes into the detail of each option. My money is still on the UK leaving the EU on the 31st of October, with or without a deal with the EU. Most probably without.

  • threehundredthousand

    Bloody Jocks. The High Court in London said it was a "purely political" move and was therefore "not a matter for the courts". Let's see what the Supreme Court in London says next week. One will get you ten they also rule the matter is "non justiciable", not capable of being determined by the courts.

  • Robert Holt

    I think Hitler disbanded the opposing party once he was in power. It might be like President Trump disbanding the Democratic party by executive order.