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  • Seattle_bound

    I told everyone summer of 2013 to contact their Senator to say NO to selling USA's Pork to China. Stupid idea to give a section of ones food supply to a Communist country to control. A huge mistake, but all Food Producers saw was 🤑.

  • snake

    It's sad that Trumps uneducated base doesn't understand that the Trump tariffs are a sales tax paid by American consumers. China will adjust and export more to the EU and elsewhere. The other fact that his cult fails to grasp is that when American companies move the production to Vietnam or elsewhere it won't create a singe new job in the US. Tariffs benefit no-one !

  • 1970afvet

    Check this out... "

    Chris Wallace Grills WH Trade Advisor Peter Navarro On New China Tariffs"

  • BillyBob

    Perhaps, in an effort to punish China more, Trump will put export tariffs on those US products actually being allowed in by China.

    Screwing our own people to punish them will show just how serious he is!

  • Waldo here . . .

    So will the supposed talks be a "secret talks" according to donnie ?

  • Eric

    And this is helping the U.S farmers how again??? Oh yeah, it's not.

  • Clyde Delgato

    When I was in the Army I spent several years in South Korea. One of the great things about a tour in Korea was that electronics and video games (among many other things) could be bought much cheaper than in the US. It was well known that they copied our video games as well as Japan's. You could buy games there for around 20% of what it cost here. Copyright infringement. Exactly what he screams about China doing. Not just software but clothing, shoes, and even furniture if you wanted to ship it. Probably many other things that I had less interest in. I imagine it is the same in many other countries. I know we pay much more for pharmaceuticals than just about anyone else.
    I honestly think that much of our trade war with China is a lie to justify tariffs. We lowered taxes on the rich by a huge amount. A trillion dollar figure. That has an impact on our revenue. Trump's deficits have consistently been just under a trillion and I think the tariffs are his method of keeping it under a trillion. The GOP wants to claim that his tax break for the rich improved the economy without any negative effects. They used to scream about deficits pretty much daily while Obama was president. Now you rarely hear about them but they are much higher than most of Obama's years in office. The rich got an epic tax cut but the rest of us and companies as well are now being taxed through tariffs to pay for it. Trump claims China is a bad actor. I think China is in on the scam with Trump. He is taxing us and blaming China. China is taxing their own people and blaming us. They are transferring wealth from their people and businesses to their government and we are doing the same though in our case out of necessity because whether the GOP remembers the word "Deficit" or not, the press will if the deficits are over a trillion. People expect deficits in billions. It's not news. Even if those deficits are 998 billion it's still not news. Everytime they threaten to break the trillion dollar mark, he raises tariffs. Neat little scam and we accept it because we think China is cheating us somehow and us paying more for whatever we buy is somehow punishing them.

  • Bru Romn

    Just ate at a local Chinese, and man the pork just had to be shipped in from China cause it was old tasting...and lousy

  • Concerned Citizen

    Trump should have signed the TPP. Tariffs and farmer welfare could have been avoided. Jobs would have moved slowly out of China over to our allies or back home. Instead we are now looking at a recession on the horizon. Please vote Trump out. He knows the TPP was a good deal but can't sign it only because Obama helped negotiate it.