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  • ReviewTheFacts

    Taking advantage of the homeless and drug abusers, using them as indentured servants. Now Trump is wanting to take all the homeless and put them in federal facilities, now that he's about to be able to kick out all the people in holding facilities asking for asylum.

    First they came for the immigrants, then they go for the homeless, next they go for???????

  • anastasiabeaverhousen

    And we currently have an administration which wants to funnel taxpayer money to "faith-based organizations" for all sorts of services.

  • larainemh

    Thank God I'm not a Christian.

  • Naomi

    And they have unquestioned tax exemptions. Stupid.

  • wise old indian

    If people view all Muslims as the same is it fair to view all Christians as the same?

  • Mike Vilche

    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

    ― Mahatma Gandhi

    I think that is the best quote about self proclaimed Christians. And in my experience it rings true.

  • StillStrong

    I have seen tragedies perpetrated in Christian homeless shelters where food and help comes with required preaching, abuse and servitude. I've seen secret cameras put in individual rooms and bathrooms. I've seen churches hack the phones of those they help, rapes and forced conversions. And I have seen churches cover it all up. Criminals of all kinds lurk in churches. Best place to pick up a child molester is church. Go volunteer for a church homeless shelter for about a year, and they'll start to trust you with the details of their scams. They get money from the govt for every person they can get to sign their name into the shelter log. Nothing wrong with fake signatures. And that is JUST the beginning. Go ask a homeless person how dangerous religious shelters really are. I will never volunteer again. I saw much more bad than good done behind closed doors at Christian shelters.

  • close call

    Another organized racket using Down, and Outers in their racket. How many houses were used for this racket? Who's real
    estate did this belong too? Where was the money that was collected, funneled? Avarice is considered the biggest sin, and
    it sounds like this ministry was going for the monies.

  • Jeff Wainright

    Unfortunately, this is all too common in faith-based homeless shelters. They are allowed to fly under the radar because they are churches or faith-based organizations, and do whatever they want to those unfortunate enough to fall under their control. The stories I could tell about what I experienced during my time in a homeless shelter would rob you of a good night's sleep. Those in a position of power over a vulnerable population will, given the opportunity, abuse that power.