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  • LizzyinNJ

    Kudo's to the rescue team that helped these men. I wonder, though, if Donald told them to make sure these four guys had the proper documents to return to US soil?

  • Thomas

    If I am ever unlucky enough to be in that position, I hope I can have the professional composure of these crew members.

    I can't imagine what they were experiencing for those 30+ hours not knowing if they would be found in time.

  • Marly Duran

    Great news! Those are some tough guys- both the rescuers & rescued.

  • kennethnewman

    As soon as I heard that this ship contained cars, I was wondering who was in charge of loading those cars and securing them to the floors and various levels of deck equipment inside the cargo holes....So 4,000 cars are destroyed????Watch out for these damaged cars to show up on various used car dealers lots some day....By rescuing those 4 crewmen thru the bottom, this turned out to be a real Poseiden Adventure.....

  • Kent_World

    i knew when the lead here was about a boat on its side

    Democrats must of lost north Carolina

  • JLS1950

    Great job... people who actually know what they are doing. Thankfully "Mr. Orange" was not there to instruct them, or they'd have been in Alabama!

  • Jon

    I am glad for the crew, I am not sure how the captain should feel

  • Gert Finkelhoffer

    The ship is only 2 years old, so is it a design flaw or as previously 'reported' the cargo wasn't sufficiently 'tied down' (I'm not sure what the term is)?

  • sameoldsame7

    Who is going to pay for this disaster? South Korea?