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  • Janie

    Everybody goes to prison and has their lives ruined hanging with the corrupt baby cager in chief. When does he pay for his crimes???

  • RettasVegas

    Lock him up.
    2020- lock him up too.

  • Thomas

    Lawyer: Just because my client pleaded guilty for lying twice does not mean that he lied. He was lying about pleading guilty about lying.

    So, your Honor, I think you should believe my client when he says that he was lying when he pleaded guilty about lying and not believe him when he pleaded guilty for lying.

  • Randall Amey

    What MAGA people probably think. "Trump woulda stopped 9-11. He woulda in vited 'em Talibans over to Camp David".

  • stamped human bacon

    There are still active Mueller and district investigations and grand juries.

    With Flynn's usefulness expiring, expect to hear results from some of those investigations.

  • (((rocket cat)))

    Flynn's defense lawyers/defence lawyer in monty python sketch: there is new evidence which exonerates my client!

    Both judges: your client has already pleaded guilty.

    Life imitating stupid.

  • Manomath

    So sad that this is the new typical.

  • Prophet With Honor

    He'll never do a day.