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  • gordo53

    And of course all the casualties were "enemy combatants". Not one innocent woman or child was harmed. It's really ironic when you consider that not too terribly long ago, US intelligence was training and supplying ISIS to unseat Assad. US foreign policy is a train wreck.

  • RichardOwens

    Dick Cheney should comment on his choice to strike Iraq, resulting in Iran gaining hegemony in what was formerly a Sunni dominated country.

    Somehow the lessons are not being learned.

  • Near62 14

    I was told there was no more ISIS.

    And in our ally Iraq's territory?

  • The Kamina

    Just like roaches.. when you think they're gone, they show up somewhere else and sometimes with increased numbers.

  • Babooph

    US is still part of a coalition?

  • Alex Davis

    Good work boys, great to see. They lit up that entire island, hopefully that got em all.

  • Jeff Wainright

    Here's a thought. Give ISIS an island out in the middle of the Pacific somewhere, all to themselves. Give them a couple of generators and enough fuel to run those generators so they have rudimentary electricity. Make sure they don't have anything bigger than a canoe or catamaran to use for subsistence fishing, and no weapons other than fishing spears. If they try to go any further out than is necessary for fishing, blow 'em out of the water. Let them have their little Caliphate, isolated from the rest of the civilized world.

  • TexWho

    No Map ?
    If you are trying to locate it then try these coordinates: 35°40'18.1"N 43°16'15.1"E
    (35.671680, 43.270872)
    little there other than scrub brush and some empty fields

  • B-K KnightRider

    But, but, but, how can ISIS possibly infest an island anywhere? Trump and his flunkies insist that ISIS was thoroughly destroyed, so surely ISIS can't possibly infest this island. [extreme sarcasm off]

  • disqus_8R28ZmEsno

    awesome to see. what a difference guided munitions make. Every one of them nailing that island

  • Cee

    So were dropping bombs on an organization that we wiped out