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  • Ambassador Lee

    Briefings with press secretary's have been worthless for decades

  • Ambassador Lee

    Finally we get to ask the president directly and regularly.

  • SJC

    He Tweets, that is all he needs /s

  • Cavalls

    Trump ignores a tradition. He's been doing that for three years. At some point, his opponents should stop being surprised and adapt to the change.

  • FlaGirl

    Yelling over the helicopter allows tRump to lie with impunity. He can pretend not to hear to follow up question when reporters attempt to hold him accountable for his lies and/or crazy statements. Because, as we all know, he is a P^*&% A** B*%#@ who is too scared to have a REAL press conference.

  • DownTheStretch

    It's simply him controlling the conversation. Can't back the administration into an corner when you're off catching a helicopter ride

  • Lee Thompson

    What good does it do to hold a press briefing? Anything presented is not truthful.

  • Shine-Ola

    I mean come on. Any press briefing questions now would just like this;
    ~ Isn't that racist?
    ~ Isn't that money just going in your pocket?
    ~ Isn't NK our enemy?
    ~ Isn't that policy just focusing on Brown People?
    ~ Why did you pay off that porn star?
    ~ Doesn't that discriminate against women?
    ~ Why do you lie constantly?

  • End of Life Ritual

    I miss Spicey. He was the best. After that it got dull and boring. I'd rather just watch Trump spew his nonsense next to his helicopter.

  • David

    Better to let the public think Trump is lying than to hold a press briefing and get caught in a lie and prove it correct.

  • Shine-Ola

    If all you do is lie. Then I guess what is the point.

  • Richard Archer

    To Trump, America is his private business.

  • mykelb

    Now we know how to get a job where you only have to show up twice a year; Suck a dictator's penis.

  • ralph neighbors

    >White House Press Corps can no longer grandstand on TV is of no concern to us<

    More excuses. Trump hires a chronic drunk for a press secretary, one that is already too wasted of a morning to do her job.

  • Eagle

    Ms Grisham can't do it, as NOT LYING is a condition for being to get out of jail on work release for her DUIs...

  • Colin M

    Many reporters have conducted themselves like unhinged G00NS at White House press briefings since Trump has become our president. Why should Trump schedule more briefings?

  • Bad Nun


  • MtnGirl

    Stephanie is probably making phone calls, emails, etc, to Trump donors, for his re-election campaign. I wonder if she's getting paid addt'l salary, for her latest tasks.

  • BD70

    So our tax dollars are paying these people to not inform the free press of anything unless its on the run. Got it.

  • David Meyer

    Trump administration press briefings were just a pile of propaganda, dodges, and lies anyway.

  • wd65

    Why have a press secretary lie to the public when Trump can use Twitter to lie to the public directly?

  • jhnnymack60

    Pathetic!!! We only have ourselves, bigots, and racists, to blame! We are a sorry bunch of SHEEP...

  • Marly Duran

    Since trump has never had qualified people in ANY positions in this joke administration, and he himself is so incredibly unqualified for his job, the whole idea of briefing the press, who clearly know more than the prez, has been too much pressure.
    They can't even pretend anymore.

  • pfon71361

    Nothing much has happened in the last six months. National Security Adviser Bolton was "fired" (he insists he resigned) yesterday. The Taliban were invited to the White House for peace talks then disinvited. Alabama was in Hurricane Dorian's path (but actually wasn't). The US is still involved in a year long trade war with China that was supposed to be "easy to win." And, oh, the members of the Federal Reserve are "boneheads" according to the president because they're doing their jobs and overseeing the nation's economy. Gee, what's there to talk about?

  • s DAN

    So much for transparency. I miss President Obama...…………..

  • Mike Kennedy

    What a farce and a disservice to the American people. The Trump administration likes to keep the people in the dark, except for feeding all of us constant lies and distortions via his constant tweets. That is why there are no press briefings. How any of his supporters can be happy with being treated like mindless sheep is a mystery.

  • JR2020

    Biden will return to a more traditional structure quickly.

    As far as Trump goes, who in their right mind (Sarah Huckleberry excluded) would want to stand at a podium every day and try to apply spin to all the lies Donnie tells? Answer.........no one with any credibility at all.

  • romando benetiz

    They should just turn it in to a comedy show, and have Melissa McMcarthy run it for a while.. (as Spicer)

  • urkiddingright

    Guess they took to heart if you don't have anything good to say don't say anything...When do the real representatives for open transparent government show up...2020 if the world can right itself

  • benson

    lol it's all lies anyway, so why bother with a dog and pony show

  • dan

    This White House doesn’t believe they answer to the People and when the do deliver information it’s lies and propaganda. You know, just like China, North Korea and Russia. All those other countries Trump wants to emulate.

  • amersham1046z

    The press does not need to know what is happening in the White House--
    because the White House does not know what is happening in the White House-

  • Kris Kouris

    Its been nice hope it stay that way till this administration is replaced

  • Elaine Hernandez

    Why are we giving tax dollars paid salary to a propaganda mouthpiece that is just attacking the media. Do your job!

  • anastasiabeaverhousen

    Bottom line, this administration despises the press because they point out Trump's lies and errors.

  • Youcanthandlethetruth

    No great loss; it's all lies anyway.

  • Steve Marsh

    Wow. I'm so shaken up by this news I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight

  • Planet Earth

    If you ONLY want to get your information directly from the supreme leader, then move to NK, you'll love it there.

  • Jane.Doug

    trumps idea on how to control the media - and where does he go in a helicopter almost EVERY day???? would it not be more cost effective to take one of his limo's???

  • Richard Archer

    Trump lies to the American people more than any other President. There, fixed it for ya.

  • GarfieldRocks

    Dear Stephanie, Where I come from, we are taught that we must EARN our keep. You are drawing a salary for doing nothing.Donald is making money hand over fist for doing nothing. Actually, he's a welfare mooch.

  • Richard Archer

    The less you hear from the Gong Show the better.

  • Reply_II

    The WH presser clan has probably fallen way behind trying to construct plausible explanations. As of last week they appear to be working on the very early stages of Dorian, and falling farther behind with every new tweet and blunder.

  • fleckrr

    I wonder if Trump's press secretary would have to make ANY adjustments AT ALL if she were hired by Li'll Kim or Putin.