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  • Clayton Delaney

    The chaos, coruption and incompetence of this administration is astonishing.

  • Tim Coolio

    Bolton was fired the minute it was reported
    that he disagreed with Trump about
    bringing the Taliban to US soil, no one
    disagrees with Trump and survives in
    their job.

  • Waldo here . . .

    John Bolton offered to resign; donnie asked to discuss it the next morning. donnie simply wanted to be on the front page before Bolton could take it and could therefore claim "firing" him. And then announce it while John was waiting outside is nothing short of cruel.
    But then a HINO is what it is.

  • Fred Flinnster

    Trump's the best Democrat to ever hold office.


    Bolton was yet another ridiculously poor hire by Trump. Bolton's idea of foreign policy and international diplomacy is to drop bombs on things until they stop moving.